Biden’s Announcement.

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It was a mixed verdict with Apple winning on nine of the ten counts but the sole Epic victory meaning that U.S. developers would be able to link to alternative payment systems in their apps. But stay tuned, because this dispute isn't over yet. 'California Streaming' Apple Event Announced for September 14: Here's What to Expect Apple is widely expected to unveil the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 at the event, and third-generation AirPods may also be announced, so be sure to check our full overview of what to expect . In addition to hardware, Apple is also likely to share release dates for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and tvOS 15 during or immediately after the event. Epic Games vs. Apple Judgment Allows App Store Developers to Link to Alternative Payment Methods A decision was reached use this link this week in the high-profile Epic Games v. Apple trial , with U.S.

7. In The Fight Against COVID, Health Workers Aren't Immune To Vaccine Misinformation The most recent numbers suggest the state still has a ways to go: As of Wednesday, 84% of all hospital employees were fully vaccinated. And 81% of staff at all adult care facilities and 77% of nursing home facility staff were fully vaccinated as of Thursday. Health care systems statewide and nationally are already struggling with staffing shortages . Critics of the requirement have challenged it through protests and lawsuits , as North Country Public Radio reports, opposing mandatory vaccination and challenging the lack of exemptions for religious objections. At this point, health care workers have the option to apply for a religious exemption until at least Oct.12, when a federal judge will consider a legal challenge in favor of such exemptions. As hospitals readied their contingency plans — which for many includes limiting certain procedures — late last week, Hochul held firm to the deadline. She told reporters on Thursday that there are "no excuses" for workers refusing to get vaccinated, and called the impending shortages "completely avoidable." How health care systems are preparing for the deadline Hospital systems and nursing homes across the state are encouraging their employees to get vaccinated, and preparing for disruptions if they do not. Some are cutting back on elective surgeries, limiting admissions and retaining volunteers. [Education]

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Gay is a member of the editorial board. This is about how New Yorkers are carrying on after we lost 34,000 of our neighbors and were left to pile our dead in refrigerated trailers. This is about what we have left. And it’s about how so many around the country have learned so little from our grief. Early in the pandemic, when New York City was the epicenter of Covid in the United States, large swaths of the country looked on at our suffering but apparently found it impossible to see themselves in us. How many lives could have been saved if they had? New York City has always been, for some Americans, a punching bag. They mock our ( mostly ) liberal politics and wonder why we’d want to live in what they imagine to be a dystopian urban wasteland. They call us sinners and tell us to find Republican religion. Every decade or so, they pronounce us dead. Like most haters, they’re obsessed with us .

At the federal level. On Sept. 9, President Biden announced a vaccine mandate for the  vast majority of federal workers . This mandate will apply to employees of the  executive branch , including the White House and all federal agencies and members of the armed services. In the private sector. Mr. Biden has mandated that  all companies with more than 100 workers  require vaccination or weekly testing, helping propel new corporate vaccination policies. Some companies, like  United Airlines  and  Tyson Foods , had mandates in place before Mr. Biden’s announcement. Mr.

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